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D4E Network

Our Vision

Enable easy networking between INDUSTRIES, INSTITUTIONS AND INDIVIDUALS to achieve better quality outputs, improve employability and to support entrepreneurs reach global standards.

D4E is an initiative by a group of professionals, who believe in using digital technology to network engineers across the world. D4E presents D4EClub as an online platform to network engineers and connect them in a cost effective manner. D4EClub is vast different from other social networking platforms or web portals as it offers real time information sharing and receipt of response along with active participation from a larger pool of engineers.

D4E envisages better utilization of infrastructure and knowledge available with engineering institutions to improve overall production technology / process / operations of manufacturing industries. D4E plans to assist engineering students acquire real time skills by visiting industries, undergoing in-plant training and to gain knowledge from industrial experts. D4E also helps in building a platform for overseas institutions and professionals to mutually share and gain access to resources across the globe and thus pave way for partnerships, JVs, etc. between SMBs across the world.

D4E has a dedicated management team supported by a distinguished Board of Advisors to enrich its services, thereby offering the best support for members.